03. April 2024


STORM.DAY - Austria's Founders Forum



We invite you to apply for this unique opportunity to meet with fellow entrepreneurs, building digital solutions in every industry.

Join more than 150 founders!

Austria's Founders Forum


Every startup will sail into a storm

Founders need to stay calm to avoid drowning‍

Funding from investors may calm the waters

Experienced entrepreneurs know how to weather the storm

Get support from founders to calm your early-stage storm



 Early stage founders from all across Europe

 from Pre-Seed to Series B


Our 2024 Speakers 

Check out our full Speaker Lineup for 2024

Markus Lang

Partner Speedinvest

Kosimar Kovar

Founder Ada Growth

Petra Dobrocka

Founder byrd

Johannes Berger

Founder Mimo

Julia Gerber

Editor TrendingTopics

Sebastian Schwelle

Founder Shopstory

Sebastian Gruber

Founder hi.health

Georg Molzer

Founder Shadowmap

Renate Schnutt

Scaleups WKO

Domagoj Dolinsek

Founder PlanRadar

Manuel Zeller

Founder NEOH

Gabriele Bolek-Fügl

CEO paiper.one

Kambis Kohansal-Vajargah

Founder-Services WKO

Alexander Valtingojer

Founder Coinpanion

Andreas Nemeth

CEO UNIQA Ventures

Nina Wöss

Managing Partner Fund F

Johannes Fischer

Partner Wellington Partners

Stephan Freh

Founder HelloBello

In 2023 the following founders, investors and experts shared their stormy stories

Travis Pittman

CEO & Co-Founder TourRadar

Eirini Rapti

CEO & Founder Inne

Johannes Braith

CEO & Co-Founder Storebox

Pia Poppenreiter

Former Founder Ohlala

Markus Lang

Partner at Speedinvest

Molly Gilmartin

Health Tech Investor at AlbionVC

Andrew J. Scott

Founding Partner at 7percent Ventures

Sophie Chung

CEO & Founder Qunomedical

Florian Gschwandtner 

Founder Leaders21

Reinhold Baudisch

Former Founder Durchblicker

Selma Prodanovic

Empowering Keynote Speaker

Hansi Hansmann

Serial Entrepreneur &
Business Angel

Markus Wagner

Chair of Advisory Board at i5invest

Marta Mrozowicz

Healthcare Investor at Heal Capital

Thomas Kulnigg

Partner Schoenherr
Attorneys at Law

Martina Vitézová

VC Investor at UNIQA Ventures

Chris Zemina

CEO & Co-Founder FridayFinance

Christopher El Badaoui

Founder at LVNDR

Petra Dobrocka

COO & Co-Founder byrd

Alfred Luger

Partner Calm/Storm Ventures

Florian Semler

Founder FORMEL Skin


We invite you to apply for this unique opportunity to meet with fellow founders from all over Europe building digital solutions in every industry. We are able to welcome more than 150 founders to the event. If your application will be accepted you'll meet the brightest digital entrepreneurs...

Don't miss this unique opportunity!