Sell Your Park

Looking to Sell Your Park?

You can Do Well by Doing Good

When you choose to work with your most motivated buyers, not only will they will be backed by decades of experience but they also have a line of dedicated funding - just for this purpose!

You’ve owned with the community for years, now you can leave your legacy by allowing your residents the opportunity to own the land under their home. In addition to the good feeling you'll get, residents pay market value and escrow will be simple and timely with the help from ROC USA & CaliROC.

Who are your most motivated buyers?

Which buyers won't finagle over price and ROI? 

Who already know the community inside and out?

Which buyers are only making offers on just one property?

Who has a vested interest in buying you park?

The people who live in your park!

It's a financial Win-Win! 

You get full market value for your mobile home park.

Residents get control over the cost of their lot fees and where to invest future improvement funds. 

It’s a win-win!

Dedicated Funding.

ROC USA Capital's sole purpose is funding Resident Owned Community purchases that are supported by ROC USA Certified Technical Assistance Providers (CTAPs) like CaliROC, a program of CCCD. We also have access to infrastructure improvement funds!

Experience matters.

Dedicated California team with 68 years combined experience in Mobile Home Park acquisitions and management and 179 years in cooperative development. ROC USA boasts a 98.4% escrow close rate. As of February 2021, nationwide there are 267 ROCs representing 18,099 home sites.

The CaliROC team is there from the start of sales process to after escrow is closed to provide ongoing coaching and expertise to the residents. 

Beyond Escrow 

Community owners need only provide the opportunity for a resident purchase to occur; 

CaliROC® will do the rest!

Find out how this can work for you 

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