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Lewis and Clark Elementary

Anita Day, Librarian

LC Virtual Library

LC Virtual Library

Explore our virtual library by clicking on items in the library. Have fun! And I hope you discover many treasures along the way!

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4 Craft Sticks (also known as Popsicle Sticks)

2 Buttons

1 Rubber Bands (make sure it has a bit of width to it)

Crafting Paint

Plastic straw

Glue Gun


Cotton Swabs

With fall comes cooler weather and more opportunities to stay inside and read. Here is a project that will offer instructions on how to construct an owl bookmark. Click on the photo to the left and give it a try!

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Galaxy Magic Milk Experiment

Galaxy Magic Milk Supplies

Shallow dish (we used a pie plate)

Small dish (just big enough to hold some dish soap)


Milk (try a variety of different fat content milks and creams to see how it affects your reactions)

Dish Soap (we used Dawn)

Food Colouring (ensure it is liquid food colouring, we used a variety of blues and purples and a bit of yellow)

For this project you will need a white plate, skittles, and water. This is a quick, easy, budget friendly science experiment that demonstrates water stratification, and it's just pretty cool. Send us a photo of your masterpiece! We'd love to see how yours came out!

This short video will not only teach you how to make a lava lamp using household items, but will teach you a bit about science as well!

Build a Popsicle Stick Catapult STEM Challenge!

Build a catapult and learn about the engineering design process, math and physics. Includes design challenge games. Click the photo for instructions! We'd love to see photos!

We received a STEM Grant this year from the Stem Action Center/Idaho Commission for Libraries! Thanks to their support, our students will be enjoying $500 in new STEM activities when they return to school!


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Dr. McDaniel Rewards Students with video

Rockin' Doc McDaniel

U Can't Touch This!

Our amazing staff at Lewis and Clark made a fun, energetic video to reward our outstanding students for reaching our book fair goal!


Last Updated: 9/2/2020