Matt Woods

Vocational Trades (Masonry)

About me

Hi! I'm Mr. Woods and I teach Core Construction and Masonry classes here at West Caldwell. I have been in the Masonry Construction trade for 30 years and I have been teaching, going on 14 years. I was in the Vocational classes (Masonry, Carpentry, and Industrial Maintenance) while I was a student here at West Caldwell. I developed skills, knowledge and work ethics in those classes and pursued a career in the Masonry Industry. After several years in the field and operating my own Masonry Crew, I decided to become a Masonry instructor. I wanted the opportunity to teach and train students a trade that they could use after high school and earn a respectful salary.

Contact Information

Email is the best method of communication; however we can always set up a Google Meet or phone conference.

The best time to contact me is 9:40-11:10 am


Phone Number: 828 758-5583 ext -130

Fall 2020 Schedule

1st Period - Planning

2nd Period - Core Construction

3rd Period - Masonry 1

4th Period - Masonry 2

Our Learning Management System (LMS)

In my class, we use Google Classroom

Spring 2021 Schedule

1st Period - Masonry 1

2nd Period - Planning

3rd Period - Masonry 3

4th Period - Core Construction

Community and On Campus Projects

Hands on Projects

Caldwell County Masonry Competition

Skills USA