Mr. Shulstad


About me

I'm Mr. Shulstad.  I like good music, good food, the outdoors, and antique tractors.  I enjoy seeing students grow and develop through music.

Students: Get what you need to succeed!  A band schedule, lyre, flip folder, reeds, oils, grease, cleaning kits.  

Contact Information

Email is the best method of communication; however, we can always set up something else.

The best time to contact me is during my planning.


Phone Number: 758-5583

Fall 2023 Schedule

1st Period - Symphonic Band

2nd Period - Marching Band

3rd Period - At a Middle School or Planning

4th Period - Planning or at a Middle School

Spring 2024 Schedule

1st Period - MUS 110, Music Appreciation

2nd Period - Concert Band

3rd Period - At a MS or planning

4th Period - At a MS.