Mr. Clark

Social Studies

About me

My name is Thomas Clark and I am a Social Studies teacher and soccer coach at West Caldwell. I have a beautiful wife name Idalia!! I decided many years ago to become a teacher because I wanted to make an impact on young people and try to make a positive change in my world!! I believe in education, as not the answer to everything, but as a pathway to the answer!

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Contact Information

Email is the best method of communication, however we can always set up a Google Meet or phone conference.

The best time to contact me is 11:15-1:00 pm


Phone Number: 828-758-5583

Fall 2020 Schedule

1st Period - AH2

2nd Period - CCR AH1

3rd Period - AH2

4th Period - Planning

Our Learning Management System (LMS)

In my class, we use Canvas

Spring 2021 Schedule

1st Period - AH2

2nd Period - AH1

3rd Period - Planning

4th Period - AH1 Hnrs.