Selecting Appropriate Digital Tools to Support Instruction

Digital learning is all the buzz, but exactly how do teachers go about identifying and selecting appropriate and effective digital tools? In this session, participants will examine a variety of criteria available to guide teachers in choosing the best instructional technology. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a learning activity to use as a foundation for selecting and using a digital tool.

Session Agenda



  • What tools are used currently?
  • What evaluation criteria is used?

Session Objectives

Participants will be able to:

1. Select a digital tool/application that is appropriate for the learning activity objectives.

2. Examine the stages of SAMR and relate them to the Rigor and Relevance Framework.

3. Apply TPACK to selected tool and determine the appropriateness of the tool for the learning activity.

4. Apply a digital tool/application to an established learning activity.

Follow Up Objectives

Participants will

1. Execute the lesson that includes the digital tool/application with students.

2. Reflect on the instruction and the value of the digital tool/application in enhancing student understanding of the content objectives.

3. Submit lesson and reflection for feedback and DLC credit.