Caldwell County Schools' Instructional Technology Facilitator Team focuses on enhancing instruction through the integration of digital tools and resources and providing professional development across the district.

Our job is to collaborate and provide support to teachers and other instructional staff by facilitating the integration of instructional technologies in all learning environments so that student learning is positively impacted.

Additionally, we also provide the following across the district:

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Randy Seldomridge

Instructional Technology & Media
Curriculum Coordinator

Caldwell Applied Sciences | Caldwell Early College | Collettsville
Happy Valley | Kings Creek | Caldwell Online

Kayle Elliott

Instructional Technology Facilitator

Davenport | Gamewell Elementary | Gamewell Middle | Hibriten | Horizons
Lower Creek | Valmead | West Caldwell | Whitnel | William Lenoir

Leslie Johnson

Instructional Technology Facilitator

Baton | Dudley Shoals | Gateway | Granite Falls Elementary | Granite Falls Middle
Hudson Elementary | Hudson Middle | Sawmills | South Caldwell