November 2018

News from CTL

This is a very full issue of the CTL News, with a lot of information and celebrations. Please grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy seat, and enjoy!

The annual Guatemala Summit is coming in February! We will be able to support a large amount of teachers to attend. Registrations for CAG teachers will be on a first come-first served basis. Look for a registration form in your inbox next Monday!

This just in...

Congratulations to our CAG Faculty who have been invited to present their workshops at the 2019 AASSA Educator's Conference in Santiago, Chile!!! We are so proud of the incredible work these teachers are doing everyday and know they will represent CAG tremendously at this international conference!

Please join us in wishing these teachers the best on their road to AASSA 2019!!!!!

Gracie McGill: It's Not Just a Toy! Empowering Young Learners to Take Ownership of Their Learning with Technology

Chad O'Hara: Gamification in the Classroom

Samantha Olson-Wyman and Julie Shizas: Getting Inside the Mind of a Dual Language Learner: Using Language to Empower and Transform Learning

Annette Aguilar: A Picture AND A Thousand Words: Graphic Novels and Multimodal Literacy

Molly Goldstein and Russel Dysart: Teaching with Tournaments: Transforming Your Classroom

Krystal Cordero: Empowering Group Discussions and Maximizing Partnerships in the Dual Language Primary Classroom

We also want to send sincere thanks again to our amazing panel of pitch judges who supported this process: Erick Martinez, Gloria Brolo, Mei Woc, Tracy Berry-Lazo, Meryl Becourtney, Estuardo Guardia, Nicte Valiente, Jose Luna

An update on the assessment work at CAG...

  • The Curriculum Liaisons and CTL are working together to begin the work of targeting assessments to vital standards and beginning to look at the quality of these assessments.
    • Here is a tool (English and Spanish) using Bloom's taxonomy to help guide reflection on HOW (quality and type of assessments) we are assessing at CAG. We shared this tool with liaisons at our meeting on October 23.
    • Throughout the next month CTL will be meeting with liaison teams in order to refine the Bloom's tool in order to make it applicable and useful to each content area.

Remember... the goal of assessment work at CAG is to provide a balanced assessment system that supports teachers and their students in supporting and guiding learning (formative assessment) and to evaluate the sufficiency of that learning (summative assessment).

Assessment Calendar for November

27th - CTL and Curriculum Liaisons Meeting 3:00-4:00 pm

Looking ahead... we will be working closely with education thought leader and international assessment expert Rick Wormeli for two days in January 3 and 4. Here is a resource he recently created for Middle School about Descriptive Feedback to get you started.

CAG Collaborative Communities

This year we have 9 Collaborative Communities that launched on November 6!

Thank you to our CCC coaches for their leadership: Pamela Castañeda, Margarita Vital, Annette Aguilar, Meryl Becourtney, Jonathon Wyman, Brooke Mangione, Maura Herrera, Susana Barrientos, Mara Elisa Aguayo, Marjorie Méndez, Silvana Ferrari, Cynthia de Le Masson, Fabiola de Herrera, and Martha Beltran.

Passions Projects

Over 100 teachers are actively engaging in Passion Projects this year. Some colleagues are continuing the great work from last year, others are working in small groups or individually to explore, research, and design new learning opportunities for our students. Please reach out at any time if we can support your work!

Dual Language R&D @CAG

Congratulations to our three Dual Language Liaisons, Julie Shizas, Samantha Olson-Wyman, and Chad O'Hara who have been working hard in this Research and Development phase to research, interview, and make recommendations for the future of CAG and how we are implementing best practices into our programs and instruction for our Dual Language Learners! Thank you Julie, Sam, and Chad for your incredible work!

You will be hearing from this incredible team in the near future about possibilities for this team expanding and how the work around "Translanguaging" can evolve at CAG! This approach makes space for students’ bilingualism and ways of knowing while supporting student bilingual and multilingual identities.

Standards Alignment

The HS science team and CTL are exploring options of 4-year course designs in order to best implement all NGSS standards including Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science. More information is coming in the new year!

CAG faculty are teaching and learning in Guatemala and around the world!!!

Learning Center Symposium at Colegio Nueva Granada, Colombia

Congratulations to our team of fabulous Learning Support Educators (from left to right) who attended the Learning Center Symposium on Bogota at the beginning of November:

Brenda Castellanos, Diana Morales, Claudia Mackay, CarmenBeatriz Mejia, Claudia Marroquin, Fabiola Melendez de Lara, Michelle Lamport, Maureen Arroyave, Lucy Mejia, Ana Beatriz Kong, Jocelyn Trujillo.

Learning Center concept @ CAG is coming soon! More information coming soon!

Library PD

On September 26, our Library teachers, Susan de Barrientos and Stephany Flores, attended the Library Training Session, organized by the Specialized Libraries and Documentation Centers of the University of San Carlos. During this training, they had the opportunity to participate in different conferences, interact with other librarians and learn more about how to implement new ideas in the work they do every day with our CAG students. Thank you Stephany and Susan for your work and mindset to continue to make the CAG library an innovative place to read, think, and learn!

Certification "Arte Terapia"

The CAG Art Team, Anabella de Lejárraga, Violeta de Gonzáles, Mónica Mandolini and Amada de Moreno, participated in a three month course of Art Therapy that began in August and just completed in October. This course was organized by the Department of Psychology of the UVG and offered participants a variety of theoretical and practical workshops as well as the opportunity to interact with other professionals from different institutions. Sincere congratulations to Anabella, Violeta, Mónica and Amada for their enthusiasm, creativity and extra effort to achieve this goal to support our students in their class work!

CAG MS teachers at AMLE in Orlando, Florida

Jonathon Wyman, Stephanie Cifuentes, Kelly Anne Castellanos, Ben Henwood, Annette Aguilar, and Steve Norlin-Weaver attended the three day American Middle Level Educators conference in Orlando, Florida. They heard a variety of speakers and presentations on a mix of topics including Standards Based Grading, Cognitive Coaching, and Advisory. The team will be sharing highlights with the MS staff during PD on November 20.

In addition to presenting and learning at the conference, MS Principal Steve Norlin-Weaver was re-elected to the AMLE Board of Trustees and the annual business meeting at the conference. He will serve a three year term.

Congratulations MS team!!!


Stephanie Cifuentes presented "Math Games and Learning Stations in the Middle Level Classroom"


Ben Henwood presented "Tapping Into Student Passion: How Student Choice Gives Rise to Authentic Learning". Ben had two former students with him (current 9th graders).

Each month we will share a program that is supporting one of the school's vision projects: Student Centeredness, One School Model and Community Connectedness.

Focus on Student Centeredness:

6-12 Advisory

The MS and HS Advisory Committees have been meeting regularly to lead the implementation of 6-12 CAG Advisory program. The team had a retreat in October that provided an opportunity to reflect on the structures in place to implement the program in the best possible way to support students and teachers.

Thank you all for your dedication, enthusiasm, and leadership to making the CAG advisory program come to life!

HS Advisory Committee:

Danielle Ranieri

Cesar Yuman

Santiago Sarazua

Gabriela Samayoa

Jenbli Miranda

MS Advisory Committee:

Jon Wyman

Bill Bruihler

Elena Ariza

Ben Henwood

MaraElisa Aguayo

Flor Pozuelos

Membership Highlight:

With CAG's school membership to the National Science Teachers Association, CAG faculty have the opportunity to take advantage of e-publications, professional development, and resources aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Send an email to the CTL team if you need the username and password.

Looking ahead:

December's CTL News will be focused on getting ready for Rick Wormeli's visit in in January.

Please be on the look out for those important details!

Please reach out to the CTL Department at any time!

We are here to support your work with students!