Key Stage 4 Options

January 2022


Options Overview

At Limavady High School we offer a broad, balanced and exciting Key Stage 4 curriculum which meets the needs and interests of our pupils. Subject and course choices made in Year 10 influence the options available after the age of 16, including Post-16 choices which will in turn affect later options available in terms of further study at university, further training and employment opportunities.

As always, we want our pupils to have a voice in shaping the options available to them, they will be asked to choose a range of subjects appropriate to their interests, career aspirations and abilities. This page has been designed to support you and your child in making key decisions for your curriculum choices at GCSE.


We are educating you for jobs that don’t even exist yet, so we cannot tell exactly what skills you will need in the future. Our recommendation is to research your career choice fully and choose a good, varied range of subjects through to GCSE with the option to specialise at Post 16 with academic and vocational choices. Having a range of qualifications will increase the alternative options available to you and allow you to pursue a different career in the future if you change your direction which is very common.


We plan our curriculum around the subjects you wish to choose and so we ask for an indication of subject preferences during Year 10 so that every student’s needs and interests are met as fully as possible. It is important to note however, that the final options available may not encompass everything you want to do, we may not be able to run a subject if there is insufficient interest, so it is very important that you have a range of choices in reserve.

There are strong relationships between school and home, which have been built up over years. Please make sure that you talk with your parents and teachers, about the right choices for you based upon your strengths and your future plans.


All of our students receive independent careers guidance through a one-to-one interview conducted by a highly experienced member of staff.

Lets get started!

All pupils have been researching careers and subjects during Learning for Life and Work. This is to help prepare pupils when making informed subject choices. This video clip from the NI Direct Careers Service is a great starting point. There's also a quiz for pupils to complete.

Year 10 booklet.pdf

Next steps!

All pupils have received a copy of the 2022 Key Stage 4 Subject Information booklet. This is a fantastic resource as it contains key information about each subject, how it is assessed and related careers.

Pupils should spend time thinking and talking to their family about which subjects are the best choices for them. Pupils can talk to their teachers by e-mail.

Pupils should choose subjects that they enjoy, believe they can succeed in, and should think about whether a subject is important for their future.

Parents Information Evening

Unfortunately due to current restrictions we are unable to hold our annual Year 10 Options Information Evening.

A Zoom meeting will take place on Monday 31 January at 7pm. Details will be sent via ParentMail.

Subject Preferences Form

Pupils should complete the subject choices form by selecting 4 subjects and 2 reserve subject.

This information will be used to create the option blocks.

Click on the Year 10 image to open the subject preferences form.

Please return by Wednesday 26 January - 3:30pm

Option choices

Option blocks will be created using the information provided by pupils.

If you have any questions about the Year Ten Key Stage 4 options process please e-mail

Mrs Rosborough Vice Principal Curriculum and Standards via