Little Hand Made Books 

Exhibited June - July 2023

1101 West Mineral Ave., 

Littleton, Colorado, USA

Framed pages of 4.25 " x 6" hand made, hand torn, book. 44 pages were created in black,  gray and white. The last page includes many media and colors.  Drilled for Japanese stab binding.   2023

Flowers and Flags      Covers are hand-drawn and painted with watercolors and pigment pens. The interior was created with 5 original hand-inked, hand-pulled woodblock prints and watercolors. Closed book  is 7 .5" x 5.5" open, the book is 22.5 " wide. All paper was torn by hand.  Made in 2022.

Four Blank Panels      

Ready for your imagination, this 7.5" x 5.5" book was  Created in 2022

Nepalese Fantasies      7.5" x 5.5" Created in 2022 with handmade papers from Nepal, and featuring window twirlers. 

Torn Women      This 8-pocket book with inserts 

measures 5" x 3" closed,  created 2022

Paradise Lost       7.5" x  5" This little book was created with watercolors, stencls an pigment pens in 2022

Interior view

"Oui" 2021 more than 100 pages of blank hand-torn mixed media paper.  Front and back covers are made from an original hand-pulled monoprint 

 Jounal  contains monthly calendars with room for notes and tracking of art practices

"In my sunny little studio" 2022

Laser copies of my black and white photos hand-enhanced with watercolors and acrylic ink.

2022  a little book of laser copies of four of my seasonal prints and pages for seasonal quotes, thoughts or poetry

2022 companion book  for my monotype print "Cave talk, ancient and new

Tree Ties 2022 a work in progress about my lifelong connection to trees