bj yost art

Bjyost’s printmaking and works in pastels reflect her cultural shifts from Southern hospitable, through Midwestern nice, and Chicagoland fierce to Western independent.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, she bumped across the United States in the way-back of various station wagons, making childhood rest stops in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Wisconsin (again!), and Illinois until she arrived in her ever-after home - Denver, Colorado - in 1971.

As a child, bjyost began imprinting anything available. The artist’s fifth grade teacher once told her mother “I always know your daughter is happy when she is in the middle of a great big mess!”

She began drawing weekly with artist Lee Rose and friends in 2015. By 2016, she had become a perpetual student at the Art Students League of Denver, where she remains a member, student, open studio devotee and sometimes, exhibitor. In addition to making art, she enjoys “reading” books, images and people.

Bjyost is still happiest when she is deep in her own interior and her fingers are inky or chalky, surrounded by the colors that made them that way.