byron Special Education department

The District Mission is: Learn, Share, Innovate, Inspire

The District Vision is: Byron Public Schools: A community of learners committed to making the world a better place.

The District Priorities:

1. Personalize learning in pursuit of academic excellence.

2. Inspire students and staff to develop their character, share their talents, and apply their learning.

3. Maintain excellence in resource management.

Byron Special Education supports the Byron Public Schools Mission, Vision and Priorities. District 531 special education is a team approach of individualized programming to meet the needs of students, birth - age 21, through collaboration with parents, general education staff, and outside agencies.

We believe:

  • special education is a service not a place
  • all students can learn
  • all students are general education students first and will have access to grade-level standards
  • in early intervention and partnering with parents and outside agencies to identify needs early in the learning process
  • all students identified with a disability will be supported to meet their individual education needs
  • all students should and will understand their identified disability and will become an advocate in their educational process
Picture of Janeen Eddie

Janeen Eddie

District Special Education


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Elsie Behnken

Special Education

Administrative Assistant

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