MAYHEM  - Release LP 03/06/2024 | Digital 05/07/2024

MAYHEM is a role-playing game in which players write a scenario creating scenes in which each musician freely uses their musical voice. The sonic story unfolding across the 10 tracks is the natural harmony of freely presented musical contexts and memorable melodies, which are subtly and intensely supported by a twin-skins rhythm section.

BMB - Tour & Video Release May 3rd 2024

Before the end of our world, before the final blast, take a seat aboard the “Space Express” and follow the band on its interstellar journey to the moons of Uranus. The animation illustrates the themes expressed in the album 'Moons of Uranus', a musical journey to the frontiers of jazz-rock, free and experimental atmospheres, where the mighty BMB humorously invites the listeners to take a look at our planetary mess.

Phase O - New Release 12" LP/Digital

The approach of the musicians of 'Phase O' is not so different from the alchemist whose ear is focused on the perception of the frequencies of matter. Just like the alchemist who through transmutation resolves the contradictions of the essence of the elements, they resolve the dissonances of the substrates of music of all ages: acoustics, electrics and electronics in order to create a unique moment between magic and rationality where coherence is dissolution, where transcendence is disguised as immanence, so that listening to this moment of musical freedom creates a lived experience in the listener.