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Welcome to the College and Career Office! 

We are excited to support your goals and aspirations. Our mission is to have each BCSM scholar graduate with A PLAN. No matter what you choose to do after graduation, you will be in a better position if the next step is part of a plan. That plan could be to graduate from college. It could be to join the military. Some of you will enter work readiness programs geared to develop important career skills. No matter what path you select, the most important action you can take – now – is to finish your academic career strong. Your transcript is a permanent record that you will need for virtually every option you consider – and senior year is the last statement that reflects not just your learning but your determination and character.

We welcome you to explore the CCO Site – it is designed around YOUR NEEDS. Most of the information that you require is located here. When you have questions, make sure to research the CCO site and visit Ms. Henriquez during office hours for questions that you cannot find the answers to in your search

College Representatives

The BCSM College and Career Office (CCO) is looking forward to having college admissions representatives meet with our students and CCO counselors. We are excited to welcome college representatives back to our school for in-person visits. If traveling is not feasible, we are happy to schedule virtual visits.

To schedule your visit, whether in-person or virtual, please contact us at

CCO  Walk-In Office Hours

Monday - 3rd period (9:51am-10:36am)

Tuesday - 5th period (11:27am-12:12pm)

Thursday - 7th period (1:03pm-1:48pm)

Wednesday & Friday - After school (2:38pm-3:10pm)

Contact:Ms. HenriquezDirector of College & Career Counseling718-992-7089