Join our Team

Our Team at Beaufort Water Search and Rescue is made up of local members of Beaufort County. The squadron has members from boat owners, non-owners, Military, Civilian, Public Safety personnel, business owners, hourly employees, and even those who are retired. Our Members are from all walks of life with one goal in mind, supporting our community by giving our time, energy, and skills without any reward. Some of the qualifications, qualities and skills we look for in each member are listed (but not limited to):

  • Current or Previous Boat Owner or boating experience

  • Ability to give appropriate amounts of time to the Squad

  • Truck owner with boat trailering experience

  • Beaufort County Resident, local enough to respond to calls for service

  • Appropriate background examination

  • Ability to perform duties and possibly lift heavy items, equipment, people into the boat etc.