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Cross Country

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 (Site Updated 2/13/2023)

2023 Season News

Save The Dates

Summer Running: mid June until Camp (details)

Camp: Thursday 8/3 - Sunday 8/6 (open to all future CXC runners)

Register for camp here!

First official practice: Monday, 8/7

Welcome Incoming Freshmen!!

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Cross Country Registration

Sign up for Cross Country Here: https://ceh.bvsd.org/athletics/registration-fees

Note: As part of your current sports physical, though not required, a blood test to determine ferritin level is highly recommended, especially for those older in training age. Talk to your coaches or doctor knowledgeable of the sport of distance running if you have questions.

Regular Season Practices

6:30-8:00am daily (7:30-9:00am Wednesdays)

8:00-9:30am Saturdays

See the Calendar

Air Quality Cancellation

If at 6:00am the day of practice, the PM-2.5 Air Quality Index,

according to this link, exceeds 150, practice will be cancelled (you'll hear by email).

Bring to Practice

Water bottle with your name on it.

Appropriate running shoes.

A watch.

Snacks for afterward (especially on workout days, typically M and W)

Two themes that guide us:


Shalane Flanagan, first American woman to win NYC Marathon in 40 years:

“My training is always enhanced when I share it”

The best way to help the team is to be your individual best.

Workouts alone are always more difficult.

Being at practice is important for both you and your teammates.

Honor your commitment to something bigger than yourself.


Desi Linden, first American woman to win Boston Marathon in 33 years:

“Keep Showing Up”

Running is hard.

Consistency is key.

June, July and August are important.

Have patience.

You get out what you put in.

Guaranteed improvement with effort and time.