Mrs. Hawley's Art Class

Our Goal is to Provide:

  • An atmosphere for creative expression

  • Experience in a variety of art subjects and media

  • Physical, intellectual, and creative development

  • Unique and powerful forms of communication

K-4 Art Focus:

  • Creating: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work

  • Presenting: Interpreting and sharing artistic work

  • Responding: Understanding and evaluating how the arts convey meaning

  • Connecting: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context

3rd and 4th graders working on the pinch and coil methods

3rd and 4th grade ceramic pots

3rd and 4th grade Picasso portraits

1st and 2nd grade printmaking

Why is Art Important?

  • The arts make learning come alive.

  • The arts challenge students to think about and respond to themselves and the world in many different ways.

  • The arts cultivate skills and discipline.

  • The arts help children understand their own as well as others cultures and times.

  • The arts help students discover creative ways of thinking about questions and problems.

  • The arts strengthen academic performance.

  • The arts open a wide range of careers.

  • The arts make leisure meaningful.

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