BTMES Remote Learning

For Chromebook and/or technical difficulties, please email

Please power off your school issued chromebook each night to allow software updates to install.

Announcement: School issued Chromebooks can only be accessed by logging in with a school issued email. Personal emails cannot be used to login to a school issued Chromebook.

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Student Council Announcements

BTMES Announcements 6/5.mp4

Here are some suggestions to help you and your student(s):

  • Check your email often. Contact teachers with your questions or concerns. All teacher emails can be found in our school directory.

  • Set a schedule. Some activities you may wish to include in your daily routine include, but are not limited to, creating a set time for math, reading, engineering, writing, physical activity, outdoor time etc.

  • Designate a space in your home for students to learn.

  • Build in brain breaks and movement breaks to help with stamina during work/learning times.

  • Check the site on Mondays to see what the week's work looks like.

  • Middle school students need to check their email as well as use Google Classroom to keep up with and turn in assignments.

  • Make time to do things together as a family; cook, do chores, play outside, etc.

  • Know that it is ok if it doesn't all get done. Do your best. We are all learning together. There will be changes and adjustments as we go.