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Welcome to our new resource website where we will continue to provide tools, resources and activities for all of our parents and guardians of our students at Berryessa USD through our new digital enrichment services.

Family Guide to Distance Learning v4.docx.pdf

Family Guide to Distance Learning

What do families need to get a BUSD loaned Chromebook?

  • Please contact your school if you student needs a Chromebook or needs to return one if you have a non functioning Chromebook.

Connected Parent Series

Connected Parents Series - How to keep your children safe, happy and healthy in the digital age

As families continue to spend more time in isolation, screen time has become necessary, and a tool to connect with others and school. While it's clear that these conditions are not the norm, how can we use screen time to benefit our children's development? Join us as we explore ways parents can use screen time to engage with their kids. Leave with practical resources and conversation starters you can incorporate into your parenting.

Sept 3, 8:00 am: Eng: Pt 1 - Zoom + Google Meet

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  • Meeting ID: 829 6811 8492

  • Passcode: busd2020

Sept 10, 8:00 am: Eng Pt 2 - Seesaw

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  • Meeting ID: 883 9796 9708

  • Passcode: busd2020

Sept 17, 8:00 am: Eng Pt 3 - Google Classroom

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  • Meeting ID: 897 1824 0720

  • Passcode: busd2020

Sept 24, 8:00 am: Eng Pt 4 - Modern Tools for Modern Parents

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  • Meeting ID: 860 0992 8731

  • Passcode: busd2020

Padres Conectados

Serie para padres conectados: cómo mantener a sus hijos seguros, felices y saludables en lo digital

A medida que las familias continúan pasando más tiempo en aislamiento, el tiempo frente a la pantalla se ha vuelto necesario y una herramienta para conectarse con los demás y la escuela. Si bien está claro que estas condiciones no son la norma, ¿cómo podemos usar el tiempo frente a la pantalla para beneficiar el desarrollo de nuestros hijos? Únase con nosotros mientras exploramos formas en que los padres pueden usar el tiempo frente a la pantalla para interactuar con sus hijos. Salga con recursos prácticos e iniciadores de conversación que pueda incorporar a su crianza.

Sept 3, 4:00 pm: Spanish Pt 1 - Zoom + Google Meet

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  • Meeting ID: 815 3101 5366

  • Passcode: busd2020

Sept 8, 4:00 pm: Spanish -Pt 2 - Seesaw

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  • Meeting ID: 830 4987 5023

  • Passcode: busd2020

Sept 17, 4:00 pm: Span Pt 3 - Google Classroom

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  • Meeting ID: 885 4741 1945

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Sept 24, 4:00 pm: Spanish Pt 4 - Herramientas modernas para padres modernos

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  • Meeting ID: 886 2045 1337

  • Passcode: busd2020

UPDATE: Mobil wifi hotspots are being distributed by our schools. Please contact your school to get more information to pick up a hotspot or drop off a non functioning hotspot.

Internet For All Now: The California Emerging Technology Fund has provided this link to affordable offers as well as a number to call (1-844-841-INFO (4636)) someone who can assist parents:

Wide Open School is a free collection of the best online learning experiences for kids curated by the editors at Common Sense. There is so much good happening, and we are here to gather great stuff and organize it so teachers and families can easily find it and plan each day.


Logging into the Chromebook

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Connecting a Chromebook to Home Wifi

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Joining a Zoom in a Chromebook

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