Berryessa's Continuous Learning Resources

BUSD recommends that all students read every day, spend time being active, and work on a learning activity of their choosing. Here are some learning activities for our students to access.

COVID 19 information for students

Talking to Children about COVID-19 English Spanish Chinese Korean Vietnamese

Comic for Kids about the Corona Virus

BrainPop Video about Corona Virus

Mystery Doug Video about Hand Sanitizer and Germs

Link to the District's Clever Portal for TONS of online resources that teachers use in class every day - click here

Resources for Grades: Transitional Kindergarten (TK) - 2nd grade

6th - 8th grade resources


Art Activities Packet

English language arts online activities: (Full access to ELA curriculum)

ELA Google Lessons that integrate Google Apps

6th Grade Reading Khan Academy

7th Grade Reading Khan Academy

8th Grade Reading Khan Academy

Nearpod Lessons:




Audible Free Audio Stories

Integrated Projects

Adjusting a Recipe 6th

Probability Games 7th

Roller Coaster 8th

Stand By or Stand Up

Eco Works

Math ONline activities:


8th Math Khan Academy

Digital Applied Skills:

Create a Budget in Google Sheets




You Cubed At Home


PE Workouts and Games Packet

Science resources

Online News Articles:

Digital Applied Skills:

Earth Day

Nearpod Lessons

Social Studies resources

Online News Articles:

Khan Academy

Common Sense Education

Nearpod Lessons:

Paper Activity Packets

Art Activities Packet

Reading, Writing, and Science Activities Packet

Math and Science Packet from SVEF

PE Workouts and Games Packet

english learner resources

ONLINE MUSIC resources

Digital Concert Hall - Students can listen to high quality concerts by the Berlin Philharmonic

MuseScore - Students can look up popular tunes that they want to play

MusicTheory.Net - Great resource for learning about music theory

Smart Music - Students can practice and get feedback through their cloud based assessment system!

Tone Savvy - Great resource for learning about music theory and practicing reading rhythms

Young People's Concerts - Listening resource introducing classical music.

Stress-management resources

Don’t forget to enjoy a device-free dinner or two!

Other resources

Story time

Visit their FaceBook page here or @atlanticwhiteshark

Virtual Field trips

Click here for a link of museums, zoos, and other places offering virtual tours.

*Links in the Google Doc may not work, please google the site directly.

Try a Lego Challenge for 'disconnected' imagination building.

Join the FaceBook group 30 Day LEGO Challenge for more ideas.

Some of our favorite authors are offering story times and doodling sessions.