BHS Incentive Program

Spring 2019

Students receive the following privileges when they qualify for the Incentive:

Exemption from taking the final in the class that you qualify in (teachers may still require you to take a final, even if you qualify for the Incentive).

You do not have to be in the building during an hour that you have earned the Incentive.

Students may qualify for the Incentive by meeting the following requirements:

Have an A in the class when grades are submitted on May 13, 2018.

Have two or less hours with unexcused absences during the semester, in all classes combined.

Have no major behavioral incidents during the semester.

Teachers may qualify students for the Incentive that do not have an A in their class:

If a student has not achieved an A in a class, but has shown substantial growth or dedication to mastering the content in that course, each teacher has the privilege to qualify any student for the Incentive.

Requirements for unexcused absences and major behavioral incidents during the semester still apply.