Language Arts

Qualifications: MA in English/Teaching Writing, Rutgers-Camden; BA in English/Secondary Education, Rowan

I realized in high school when I was teaching my friends Algebra that I was good at explaining things. It made sense to pursue English (Literature and Writing) since that was what I enjoyed and came more easily. My goal is for students to leave my class with a sense of having learned something about communication. I enjoy the time spent in the classroom, reading, talking, asking and answering questions, finding out why something is difficult, or why it came so easily for another. I want students to feel like they've spent quality time in the English classroom and to feel prepared to communicate effectively with others.

This is my fifteenth year at BCIT-Medford. Before I joined this community, I spent a year teaching English to Korean students in South Korea and finishing up my graduate degree at Rutgers. After college at Rowan, I spent seven years in educational testing, reading and scoring essays and open-ended responses for many different standardized tests. I taught Composition I and II, and Introduction to Literature for Camden County College as well as HSPA/SAT preparation courses for public and private institutions.

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