Talented and Gifted

What is VOTAG?

VOTAG is a gifted and talented program at BCIT that recognizes students for EXCELLENCE in one or more of following areas: vocational, academic, and/or leadership.

How does it work?

  1. A student is nominated (by a teacher, counselor, or him/herself)

  2. Under the guidance of a mentor, the student will complete a project that follows specific guidelines.

  3. The student will attend a showcase in which his/her project will be on display and scored by a designated group.

  4. Students who meet all program requirements will be selected for induction.

  5. Students being inducted into the program will be invited to attend a pinning ceremony at the end of the year.

Why should students become a part of the program?

To showcase their craft and be recognized for their exceptional abilities. To represent themselves and BCIT in a positive light.

To make themselves more marketable for college and career!

How can a student be nominated?

Deadline to nominate: Wednesday, December 23rd.

Still have questions?

See Mrs. Murrenburke in D220 or Mrs. Murro in D202