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The Nurse's Office

is open to students


8:10 am to 2:46 pm.

Students are NOT permitted to see the school nurse without a signed/ issued pass

Students MUST have their ID and sign in upon arrival

As your school nurse, I can ...

Administer over-the-counter and prescriptive medications with a physician’s order.

All student health issues are kept confidential.

It is important that I am made aware of conditions that may require health interventions so that your child is safe during school hours.

Conditions may include, but are not limited to:

asthma, seizure disorder, diabetes, heart conditions and any orthopedic problems.

Health and Safety services provided to our students:

Medication administration

Sports physical examinations

Vision screening/Referrals for vision exams/lenses

Hearing screening/Referrals for hearing impairment

Health Education/Counseling

Medical referrals

Mental Health and Substance Abuse referrals

- Student Physical Information -

Conducted by our School Physician or APN and are free of charge. Eligible students will be scheduled to have their physical done during school hours.

Students MUST have a Sports physical packet completed and signed by BOTH the student and parent/guardian in order to be eligible to have a school physical scheduled.

Physicals will resume next year



Education Services Professional of the Year

Mrs. Fowler, RN

Extension- 8241