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PRIDE stands for "Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort"

What is PRIDE?

PRIDE is a program that recognizes students for their individual efforts and rewards them for behavior that exemplifies the high standards to which each of them is held. As part of the program, students are recognized in a variety of ways on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. This nationally recognized program is designed to increase student achievement and attendance, as well as increase positive behavior creating a school culture conducive to student success.

Who is eligible for PRIDE?

EVERYONE! A student's PRIDE status is based on grades, attendance, good behavior, and participation in a club, sport, or service organization. Each of the different levels (Gold, Blue, Red, and White) of PRIDE has different requirements and entitles students to different incentives and rewards.

Copy of PRIDE Levels

Overview of PRIDE: Programs, Incentives, and Awards

Credit Cards

Receive a credit card? Congrats! You'll be entered in the weekly raffle. Listen during Friday's morning announcements to hear the 5 winners! Up for grabs are gift cards to Dunkin' Donuts, Wawa, 7/11, McDonalds, and dress down passes! 

Smart Jag Awards

Smart Jag Award

Every month, classroom teachers select one student in each block that they feel best exhibits the month's Smart Jag theme. Selected students receive a certificate and Smart Jag pen.

Student of the Month

Students who demonstrate and exhibit great character and citizenship, contribute to activities, show marked improvement, help others, cooperate with staff, and display an eagerness to learn are candidates for this award. A staff committee meets each month to select recipients for Student of the Month (each grade), Most Improved, and Student Athlete.

Quarterly Initiatives: PRIDE membership cards & special events

PRIDE Membership Cards

At the beginning of each marking period, students who have met the requirements for PRIDE membership during the prior marking period will receive their PRIDE card for use during the current marking period. PRIDE cards, and their privileges, expire at the end of the marking period for which they are given. It is important that students keep their PRIDE card on them at all times as it is necessary to gain entry to PRIDE events as well as the use of any additional incentives, such as homework passes, excused latenesses, and preferential lunch line access. 

Special Events

In addition to homework passes, excused latenesses, preferential lunch line access, PRIDE students are also invited to exclusive PRIDE events, typically held once per marking period. Past events have included breakfast, dress down days, ice cream sandwiches, pep rally, and a comedy show. Work hard this school year as you don't want to miss this year's PRIDE events!