Technology Help

Troubleshooting Tips

Chrome browser does not load.

If you are experiencing sites not loading in the Chrome browser (ex. Classroom), click the home button located at the top left of the browser window. This should prompt the content filter login. Enter the student email address, then click sign in.

Content Filter

Sign into the content filter with your BCPS email acct.

Reinstall Content Filter Certificate

Go to and sign out.

Go to another site such as

Sign back in to zscaler with BCPS username.

Google account password not working

Google passwords must be at least 8 characters. If your student's lunch number (PowerSchool Number) is less than 8 numbers add zeros to the end to get 8 total. Ex. 12345600

Technology Request for Repair

How to submit a request for device repair.

Submit a request

Logging into NcEdCloud (ex. PowerSchool, Canvas)

Click the image for step by step directions

iPad Tips and Tricks for Home Learning

Click image to enlarge

Issue with Seesaw using an iPad with a hotspot

  • go into settings

  • click Safari

  • Scroll down to "Clear History and Website Data" and clear it

  • Scroll down to Advanced > Website Data > and clear it.

Internet Speed

Run a speedtest to check you internet speed.