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Instructor: Bradley Frodge

Contact Info: bradleyfrodge@burke.k12.nc.us

Room 307

World History

This World History course will address six (6) periods of study of World History, differentiating between primary and secondary sources, with a key focus of study from the mid-15th century to the present. The standards of this course are grouped in a way that reflects accepted periodization by historians. The learning standards of this course have been written to focus around a basic core of chronologically-organized periods and events in history in order to have a set of learning standards that can be reasonably taught and learned with some depth and not just memorization of facts, within the time available for classroom instruction. However, local districts and teachers are encouraged to elaborate on what is included in the below standards, to add topics that they feel are important, and to organize material into Concept-based Units of study.

Materials you will need for this semester include:

1"-1 1/2" binder with paper; pencils, pen

Optional: colored pencils, markers, scissors, and glue

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North Carolina World History Essential Standards

NC World History 1.0 Standard: Apply the four interconnected dimensions of historical thinking to the Essential Standards for World History in order to understand the creation and development of societies/civilizations/nations over time.

NC World History 2.0 Standard: Analyze ancient civilizations and empires in terms of their development, growth and lasting impact.

NC World History 3.0 Standard: Understand how conflict and innovation influenced political, religious, economic and social changes in medieval civilizations.

NC World History 4.0 Standard: Analyze the political, economic, social and cultural factors that lead to the development of the first age of global interaction.

NC World History 5.0 Standard: Analyze exploration and expansion in terms of its motivations and impact.

NC World History 6.0 Standard: Understand the Age of Revolutions and Rebellions.

NC World History 7.0 Standard: Understand how national, regional, and ethnic interests have contributed to conflict among groups and nations in the modern era.

NC World History 8.0 Standard: Analyze global interdependence and shifts in power in terms of political, economic, social and environmental changes and conflicts since the last half of the twentieth century.