BCPS Bands

Why You Need To Join Your School Band

Joining the band as a 6th Grader has many benefits. Learning to play an instrument and become a proficient musician is a goal many adults wish they would have chosen when they were your age. Learning to work as team, developing self-discipline and a good work ethic are wonderful life skills associated with being in the band. Our BCPS Middle School band programs offer many opportunities to achieve your musical goals. You must begin in the band program as a 6th grade student.

All Students Are Welcome

Band in an all-inclusive program. All students are welcome.  While in Middle School, students may participate in many activities, including sports, and be a part of the band. Band meets as a yearlong class during the school day. Each school works hard to minimize any conflicts between band and other school activities.

Instrument Choices

Incoming 6th Grade Band students have many choices when it comes to which instrument they will begin their musical journey. Students may select the flute, clarinet, or alto saxophone from the woodwind family of instruments. Brass instrument choices are the trumpet or the trombone. Students may also choose to join our percussion section where they would learn to play a variety of keyboard and general percussion instruments.  On the enrollment form, students will be asked to select a 1st (most wanted), 2nd, and 3rd choice of starting instrument. Each band director will determine the number of students starting in each section based on enrollment numbers at their school to ensure a balanced instrumentation. Other instrument choices may be available by contacting your future band director.

How To Get Enrolled

Click the "Sign Up Today" button to the left.  Then click on the link associated with the middle school your student will be attending. Complete the online form. Your future band director will contact you with more information specific to the school you will be attending. Your band director will confirm your enrollment in the class and your instrument assignment.