Blake Tree Manor HOA

What are your dues and what are the due dates?

Please refer to the "Homeowner Paid Fees - Blake Tree Manor HOA" document found in Homeowners' Forms. ALL payments must be received no later than the due date found on your invoice to avoid additional fees (make check payable to: BTMHOA):

Payment address:

Blake Tree Manor Homeowners Association

9618 Blake Lane

Fairfax, VA 22031-1000

HOA General Email:

"I received a Violation Notice" - FAQs

    • Confused about terms in your Violation Notice (e.g. "rake board", "fascia board", "soffit") - CLICK HERE for help!

Selling your home?

    • Requests for a disclosure packet can be found on the Homeowners' Forms page of this website

      • must be requested by a titled property owner.

      • requests from realtors will not be accepted unless we have a Registered Agent for on file supporting the request.

      • requests must be sent to

      • Homeowners are advised to request the disclosure packet early in their home selling process as it will take up to 14 days to process the request starting the date the request is received.

    • IMPORTANT! If you intend to perform ANY repairs or work on the exterior of your home, please read this. We have had a number of homeowners who, in response to Architectural Control Committee (ACC) violations, have completed work on their home without receiving written approval from the ACC. The form to complete in order to receive approval from the ACC can be found in Homeowners' Forms ("Request for Exterior Improvement Form").

Is a Blake Tree Manor street light out or blinking intermittently?

The street lights on our property are paid for by your Association and maintained by Dominion Power. If you believe one of our street lights is not operating properly please

    1. Review the "Pole Identifiers" section of this web page and collect the pole identifier of the light that is malfunctioning - you will need it in the next step

    2. Either CALL 866-366-4357 or complete this web form to request service.

Homeowner Price Lists

  • BTMHOA Prices

Do you have a need for a special trash pickup (e.g. large items)?

All you need to do is to call the trash vendor directly to arrange it. They will provide you with all the information you need about when the pick-up will be and the cost: