Meet the Staff


Frank Stanek - Principal

My name is Frank Stanek, but I am more commonly known back home as Frankie. I am presently the principal here at Anthony A. Andrews School. I began my teaching career here in 2007 as the high school science teacher where I taught for 7 years. After brief stints in Wales and Diomede, I came back to Saint Michael with my wife Leah where we plan to finish our careers in education. We have raised a daughter and two sons, and as of now we have been blessed with one cat and 7 grandchildren, hopefully many more to come. I became a teacher late in my career where prior I was raised in the nursery/florist business and spent 20 years working in the landscape construction industry. My passion is gardening with my wife Leah of thirty-five years around our beautiful home in Spokane, Washington.

Brian Walston - Assistant Principal

I grew up in Eastern North Carolina, but called East Tennessee home for most of my adult life. I moved to Alaska in 2015 and taught in Brevig Mission before moving to Saint Michael in 2017. I taught elementary before becoming the AP in 2018.

My hobbies include fishing, droning, cooking, and hydroponic gardening; growing my own food! I love watching the latest movies, or reading a Sci-Fi novel. I love spending time with my family on the Oregon Coast during the summers, where we like to hike and be outdoors and on the water as much as possible.

Whole School

Leah Stanek - Instructional Coach

My name is Leah Stanek, and I am currently the Instructional Coach at Anthony A. Andrews School. As an instructional leader, I work with many talented people, including my husband Frank Stanek, our current principal. My job requires many hats, one of them being our site’s testing coordinator. Additionally, I am often called on for tech needs. I value hard work, creativity, and a growth mindset. I originally worked at Anthony A. Andrews as the high school language arts teacher for seven years. It was during this time that I fell in love with the people here, and it is also one of the reasons why we returned to Saint Michael to continue our professional careers after a time of service in Wales and Diomede, Alaska. One of my passions is color and design, which you would see in our home, workspace, and also in our garden in Spokane Washington where entertaining family rejuvenates us during the summers.

Pauline Richardson - Bicultural/Bilingual

I am from Saint Michael I grew up here most of my life. My hobbies are sewing.

Sandra Walston - Art/SEL/Technology

I grew up in Oregon, but moved to Saint Michael for my first teaching job after college and grad school in 2005.

After teaching 5 years in Oregon at a private school and one year teaching English in Japan, I moved back to Saint Michael in 2013 and have called this home ever since. I now live here with my husband and two daughters.

I teach Art and Technology throughout the school.

Rebecca Stallworth - Counselor

I was born and raised in Alabama and this is my 14th year in education. This is my first time visiting and living in Alaska and I am looking forward to meeting everyone. I love the outdoors, the water, and being around good-spirited people. Oh, and I am a traveler; I love to visit places I have dreamed about visiting and immersing myself in the culture and of course meeting new people.

Elementary (PreK-7)

Penny Tinker - ECE (3 & 4 year olds)

I moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1967. My home is in Soldotna, Alaska. I have three adult daughters, one is a high school teacher in Anchorage. I have been teaching for 27 years. My hobbies involve anything in nature, art, architecture, and animals.

Jill McCauley - Kindergarten

I grew up in northwest Montana, where my family spent a lot of time outdoors on my grandparents farm. My brothers and sisters and I loved the freedom to explore and use our imaginations. I still love being in the trees or by any body of water. Love the ocean and beach in SMK! Nowadays, I spend my summers in Montana visiting family and spending time with my 14 nieces and 3 nephews. My favorite hobby is birding; I love being able to identify birds when I am out and about.

Kristina Benitez - 1st Grade

Crystal Knight - 2nd Grade

I am teacher of ten years (two years in Saint Michael). I am a wife to a wonderful husband and mother to five kids. I love visiting the mountains of West Virginia and the beaches of North Carolina, however my home is in Virginia.

Sherry Hardin - 3rd/4th Grade (Math/Sci)

I was born and raised in Ohio. When I was in high school we moved to Germany. After about nine years living and working at an Air Force Base we moved to Texas. My love of children and teaching lead me to a career as a teacher and administrator in Texas Public Schools for about 18 years. When I am not working, I love to spend time with my family, travel, read, and ride horses.

Brad Tribble - 3rd/4th Grade (ELA/SS)

My name is Brad Tribble and what started off last year for me as a “one semester only” adventure in Alaska turned into me begging my wife to let me come back for “just one more year”. So, for the 2020-2021 school year I will be teaching both 3rd and 4th grade language arts and social studies.

Teaching has always been my passion, whether it is training Airmen in the United States Air Force to work on aircraft, or helping golfers on the golf course, to now teaching elementary school students in Alaska. I always knew I wanted to help others to learn.

One thing you will see when I am out and about in St. Michael is that I have a big, brown, fluffy dog named Bear. Bear is a certified therapy dog and is also my service dog. However, unlike most service dogs I allow and encourage people to pet him. All I ask is that you ask please ask me before you pet him. He loves attention

Hazel Tagaan-Zambas - 5th Grade

Hermelinda Cespedes - 6th Grade

I am from Mission, TX. Mission, TX is on the Mexican/American border, this is about a 10min drive to Mexico. This is my second year teaching, I was the Newcomer teacher last year in Nacogdoches, TX (East Texas). I was the bilingual para for 3 years prior to that. I came to Anchorage for the first time in March during Spring Break (before Covid), this is when I signed my contract. I went back to Texas until August and came back to Alaska August 6 and have been here ever since.

I have two children a 6yr old Teddy and a 2 yr old Catalina. I am currently in grad school taking classes at both Stephen F. Austin State University in TX and University of Alaska in Anchorage. I hope to graduate with my Master's degree in May.

I am first generation born in America, all of my family is from Reynosa, Mexico. I am also the first person in my family to have graduated from a university. Due to my family being from Mexico, I am fluent in Spanish, since this is my native language.

I am excited to be here and cannot wait to see what this new journey bring us!!!

Sadira Hearse - 7th Grade

I am from many different areas but Charlotte, NC is home. This is my sixth year teaching and my first year teaching in Alaska. I am new to Alaska, here with my family. I love to cook, craft & do makeup.

BethAnn Miner - PreK-6 Special Education

Beth Ann Miner is from Baltimore, Maryland. She arrived in Alaska in the summer of 2012 and settled in Fairbanks. She has a daughter in Fairbanks. She has been teaching for over 30 years. She has been an art director at a private school, 3rd grade teacher and an adjunct graduate school professor and university advisor. She has been a special education teacher for the majority of her teaching career. Beth Ann enjoys reading, cooking, baking and most of all creating art in a variety of mediums.

Middle/High School (8-12)

Anna Voronko - English Language Arts

I am originally from Ukraine, however my family immigrated to Portland, Oregon early in my childhood. I consider Portland to be where my heart is, because that is where my family is, even though I am a traveller. For some time, I taught as an International Teacher in China, travelled through Europe, and lived in New Zealand. One of my big dreams is to publish books of my experiences, my poetry, and perhaps some of my art. I love to cook, dance, and sing at the top of my lungs and my favorite animals are cats, cats, and CATS! It is so nice to meet you and I can't wait to learn more about you!

Kristin Rothe - Science

Greetings! My teacher name is Ms. Rothe (or Rothe), and I have five years of experience teaching middle school and high school science. I began my teaching career in Gambell, AK, moved to teach in Colorado for a year, then returned to Alaska to teach in Wainwright. For the last three years I have been writing contracts for the Department of Defense to obtain supplies and services to support the cadets at the United States Air Force Academy, which is located in Colorado Springs. I consider Colorado Springs to be my hometown because I have lived there for so long and most of my family lives there. However, St. Michael is my new home. You will probably see me around town walking with Lana, my little black lab from Gambell.

When I am not in the classroomI enjoy hiking, kayaking, reading, and anything that makes me smile (like a beautiful sunset) or laugh. What do you enjoy?

I look forward to meeting everyone, serving the community of St. Michael, and sharing my love of science!

Dream big. Set goals. Take action!

Greg Kurtz - Social Studies/FCS

Hello! WOW, it seems like yesterday that I started teaching this amazing group of 7th graders! Now, they are seniors! I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I have held many job titles in my 50 years but most center on food, teaching, and history. I love to travel and cook. Hopefully, 2 1/2 years cooking with the senior class (and fundraising) will allow us to travel this summer!

Brian Sierra - Math/Spanish

I was born in New York but grew up in California. After completing my teaching program I moved to Alaska. I have been teaching mathematics here for 2 years and am going into my 3rd. I enjoy watching movies, playing games, reading, and lots of coffee and pastries.

Tammy Greene - 7-12 Special Education

This is my 1st time in Alaska. It's the 49th state I have been to. I have 12 years of teaching experience, if you don't count the 7 years I homeschooled my daughters. I was born and raised in a very small community in Texas. Samnorwood was where my dad graduated out of high school, my 7th grade class had 7 kids, and my oldest daughter graduated out of high school there. I graduated from Shamrock which is a bit larger and 15 miles away. We had 25 in my graduating class.

I lived in Colorado for about 8 years in the beautiful mountains of Summit county. My youngest of 4 girls (Cecilia 40 in Texas, Bobby Ka 28 in Colorado, Sally 23 and Anne 19 in California/Oregon) graduated 2 years ago and I began traveling the US living and working (usually as a waitress) when I needed funds. I either camped out in my car or tent and checked off many of my bucket list travel spots. COVID-19 put a screeching halt to that and I found myself here in St. Michael teaching school after a 7 year break.

Classified Staff

Elizabeth Otten - Secretary

From St. Michael- grew up here. Husband/family at home.

Priscilla Washington - HS Aide

My name is Priscilla Washington. I have been working at St.Michael Anthony A.Andrews School for 15 years. I have children. My hobbies include anything that is traditional.

Carolyn Kitsick - 3rd & 5th Aide

I'm from St. Michael, I've been a para pro for 4 years and a substitute teacher for 2 years, I love working with the students! I've lived in Alaska most of my life, I have 4 kids and 4 grandchildren, both 2 boys and 2 girls. I love going out camping, hunting, taking care of subsistence, going out on walks on the beach and playing basketball when I can. I love traveling to different places.

Jerrine Ambrose - Kindergarten Aide

I grew up in SMK and moved to Fairbanks right after high school to attend college at UAF (where I met husband Louie). I graduated with an AAS is Early childhood 2.5 weeks before Hailey was born. We moved to SMK when Mathias was a baby. Kaleb was born a year later. I worked for my Dad’s tourism business until he passed away. Ravn and Ryan Air were my previous employers before joining AAA school. I like hunting and fishing. Berry picking is my least favorite thing to do 😂. I became a new grandmother last December! She’s such a blessing!

Kathleen Otten - Kindergarten Aide

I was born in Nome raised and graduated in SMK. My favorite hobby is playing bingo, lol. No subsistence gathering. I have two beautiful girls, yay! I am going to be a gramma in March 2021.