It is expected that the students will conduct themselves in such a manner as to bring credit to themselves, their team, their school, and their community. Good sportsmanship should be considered the rule and not the exception. This includes student conduct during the course of a normal day as well as school-sponsored trips of any kind. Remember when you travel, you are a representative for our school and community. Inappropriate conduct may, at the Principal’s discretion, affect the student’s ability to participate in extracurricular activities for an unspecified length of time.


SVA will be following the guidelines set by ASAA and/or BSSD for eligibility. They are as follows:

  • Be at least 14 as of August 15th of this year
  • Be actively working in a minimum of five content areas and on pace to complete graduation requirements.
  • Be in regular attendance in classes.
  • A student who becomes 19 years of age by August 1 of the current year shall be ineligible of interscholastic competition (for ASAA activities).
  • May not participate in any practice session or to represent his/her school in athletics, cheerleading, or strenuous activity until the medical examination form is on file in the school.
  • Be in school an average of no less than 80%, to be measured bi-quarterly.
  • Be in full day attendance on the day of an activity and on the day of travel for an activity.
  • Have no out-of-school suspensions during the week of the event/travel including the day of the event/travel.

Academic/Attendance Requirements

Eligibility for extra-curricular activities is based on maintaining 80% cumulative attendance which is taken bi-quarterly, a 2.0 GPA with no F’s and no more than 2 D’s.

Permission Slips

Coaches and advisors will hand out permission slips two weeks in advance. Students are required to have parent(s)/guardian(s) sign the slip and return it to the office one week in advance of departure for travel.

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