The Battle of the Books District Championship is being held this week (January 22 - 26). Diomede's 5th grade won first place at the initial championship and moved on to finals. During finals, they were tied in second place while Unalakleet and Sebbins tied for first. After a sudden death match, Stebins and Unalakleet sorted out their differences, and Diomede landed officially in 3rd place. This is pretty monumental, as Diomede is this district's smallest and most remote school.

Jr. High did admirably as well. They were second on the first championship, but were knocked out of the running by the other schools. All students worked very hard and had fun competing and reading. What's better than that!?

Battle of the Books is gearing up for their annual competition. This week (January 15-19) we had practice battles, and both Ms. Leah's Jr. High and Mr. Rob's 5th graders scored very high among the district. Wish us luck next week as we compete for real!

Mr. Rob is teaching the 4th and 5th graders how to make ulus. Eventually, the older kids will get to make their own ulus as well. If you're interested in making an ulu, talk to Mr. Rob. He'll have the shop open during open gym on certain nights for carving and metalworking. He'd love to give you a hand in whatever project you'd like to tackle!

"Seal Ulu" by Raleigh (age 11)

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