Better Bloomfield- Community and Family Resource Program

325 N. Bergin Ln. Bloomfield, NM

Office: 505-632-4369

Mission of the Program

Better Bloomfield Community and Family Resource Program's mission is to support the enrollment and education of highly mobile/ displaced students. The intention of this program is to provide highly mobile/ displaced students with the same educational opportunities as traditionally housed students by removing as many barriers to learning for these students as possible.

Who might benefit from Family Resources Support?

  • New to the community

  • Pregnancy and very new arrivals

  • Children from infancy to 48 months (siblings of children in Bloomfield Schools)

  • Geographic and/or social Isolation

  • Parents, caregivers, and children with developmental challenges

  • Grandparents and/or extended families welcoming children

  • Complex change: Medical, housing, employment, foster/adoptive families, incarcerated family members

  • Grief and loss support


Contact Selece Gathings to get more information on the program.