Google Classroom Codes:

Period 2 hhb16v

Period 3 x7one6

Period 6 451gr3

Period 7 aOxjxb

Survivior on the Moon.pdf
Exploration of the Moon.pdf
5.1 and 5.2.pdf
Pg519 for WKST 24.1.pdf

Tuesday, October 17th We reviewed The Sun from Monday, learned about the recently detected gravitational wave detection from the colliding of two neutron stars, and started 24.1 for journal work (some classes did not have time to start, but we will work on it Wednesday in class).

Stay on the Sunny Side.pdf

Wednesday, October 18 Crash Course Astronomy- The Sun and Stay on the Sunny Side for notebook work

Characteristics of Stars.pdf

Monday, October 23rd

H-R Diagram Star Data.pdf
H-R Diagram Graph Questions.pdf
H-R Diagram Graph.pdf
Astronomy Research Project

Thursday, October 26-November 10th

Science Presentations the week of November 13-17


Monday and Tuesday November 20, 21 No homework over the Thankgiving break!