Future High Schools

Pre-Bond Work: oct 2016 - may 2017

Recent News:

In May 2017, the bond passed by a 66% approval rating. What are the next steps?

The slide show will provide you with some information about next steps and timelines.

HS2, August 2017, Update & Next Steps

Thoughts from the Students:

Have you wondered what students think about this project? Hearing from students is so important and sometimes overlooked. Here is a great video that was produced by students in the HawkTV program, a media/marketing class currently offered at BHS. Enjoy!

Informational Newsletters:

    • We have started a series of Informational Newsletters to discuss the various components of the Bond.
  • We have also started a series of information videos that help describe the details of the bond proposal and answer some FAQs. Please check back frequently as more videos will be added soon.

Board of Trustees Approval

Approved by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees in June 2016.

It is recommended that the Board proceed with the planning process for a second school (grades 9-12) at the Flander’s Mill Road site to accommodate future enrollment growth, as supported by the High School Advisory Committee.

Approved by a unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees in February 2017.

On February 10, 2017, the Board received the High School Programming Committee's recommendation to construct a second high school and renovate Bozeman High School. This recommendation was approved by the Trustees on February 16, 2017. The total cost of the project is estimated at $125,000,000. The details of the project are explained below.

Enrollment Trends: Grades 9-12

HS2, Nov 14, 9-12 Enrollment Chart

2016/17 High School Enrollment:

• Enrollment in grades 9-12 increased for the sixth consecutive year. This year's enrollment increase totaled 122 students, or 6.11%. The current high school enrollment is 2,118. The capacity of the existing high school facility is 2,400. We are projected to reach capacity in 2020.

• Enrollment in grades 9-12 is expected to reach 3,000 students by 2032.

Project Details, cost estimates & Tax information

February 16, 2017

Total Project Summary (Both Schools)

  • Construction costs: $87.3M
  • Site Work: $12.1M (excavation, roads, fields, parking lots)
  • Soft Costs: $25.6M
    • furniture, fixtures and equipment
    • consultant design fees
    • geotechnical report, site survey
    • Public, Agency & Utility Infrastructure Fees
    • Contingencies & escalation costs
    • Legal, bonding fees
    • 3rd Party commissioning
  • Total Cost: $125M

Projected Tax Impact

Tax Impact of the $125M Bond

• Comparison Information

• Future Bond Needs

Other Relevant Information

• AA Comparison Charts

• Energy Standards & Info

• Other Recent AA Bonds

Community Presentations

HS2, August 2016, Community Presentation Schedule
High School Programing.pptx

If you would like to schedule a presentation for your group or organization please contact Nancy Brady at 522-6001 or nancy.brady@bsd7.org

Background Information

Projected Timeline: New High School

High School Timeline

Pre-Bond Tentative Timeline

  • June 2016: Board of Trustees discuss advisory committee recommendation and approve a solution for facility planning to accommodate enrollment growth.
  • Fall 2016: Select architect & GC/CM for the purpose of creating educational specifications, preliminary schematic design and cost estimates.
  • Fall 2016: Programming Committee begins
  • Winter 2017: Preliminary schematic design and infrastructure, construction and equipment cost estimates presented and Trustees set amount for bond
  • May 2017: Bond election

Post-Bond Tentative Timeline

  • Summer 2017 - Spring 2018: Formal design process & Construction docs
  • Winter 2018: Construction Bids finalized
  • Spring 2018 - Spring 2020: Construction of the new facility
  • Winter 2019: Transition Committee begins
  • Fall 2020: New facility open
  • 2020 - 2022: Renovation work on the existing HS. (Exterior space renovation may occur prior to 2020)

Location of New High School Site

North of Meadowlark Elementary (4415 Durston Road), South of Oak, West of Flanders Mill Rd, East of Cottonwood

Bozeman School District: High School District MAP

Gallatin County School Districts-2.pdf

High School Programming Committee

Background Information

  • Committee Representation: teachers from each curriculum area, high school administration, district administration, K8 feeder school representative, Board of Trustees, parents, students, architects, middle school representative. (As needed, ad-hoc committee members with expertise in specific areas will be invited to provide specific knowledge to guide the committee.)
  • Scope of Work:
    • Topics for Discussion: The Bridger program, graduation requirements, school schedule, curriculum offerings, extracurricular programs, co-curricular programs, academic organization
    • Discussion/Decisions: this committee will discuss educational program and define decisions that will impact facility design and costs.
  • Timeline: The programming committee will meet approximately 6-8 times between August 2016 through January 2017. Recommendations that have a direct impact on facility design and costs will be given to the Board of Trustees no later than February 2017.
  • Topics outside the scope of this committee:
    • Budget Committee: Planning for the increased operational costs once the both facilities are open. (Not yet started)
    • Transition Committee: (Not yet started)
      • Develop recommendation for enrollment boundaries, policies and procedures.
      • Develop transition plan for school opening in Fall 2020 to include grade levels involved and initial school activities to be offered, etc.
      • In collaboration with negotiated agreements with certified and classified staff, discuss the staffing process for all facilities involved.

Other Topic Discussions & Consensus Statements

Options A-D: Presented to the HS Programing Committee on January 12

HS2, 1:12:17, Options A-D.pdf

Options A-D: Monthly Taxpayer Cost per $100K of Assessed Home Value

Option A - 144M = $8.09

Option B - 93M = $5.43

Option C - 110M = $6.14

Option D - 123M = $6.86

HS2, 1/23/17, Tax Impact Options A-D.pdf

Creation of a "Best-of" option in the $115-125M Range

HS Programming Committee: Scope of Work

Graduation Requirements Discussion

Electives Program Discussion

Bridger Charter Academy Discussion

Co-Curricular Program Discussion

Extracurricular Program Discussion

Academic Organization Discussion

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If you have questions or would like to schedule a presentation, please contact the Superintendent's office at 522-6001.