Barnwell 45 ESOL Program

English for Speakers of Other Languages

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Did you know?

  1. Reading is good for the children When you read to your children during the early years, they are more likely to become good readers in adulthood. When the children see the adults in the house reading, it inspires them to read as well.

  2. Reading reduces stress A study conducted by the University of Sussex found that reading for just six minutes can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. Books can be the perfect tool to escape from everyday worries and stress. Nothing can be more relaxing than losing oneself in a book.

  3. People who read are more empathetic Books open up a whole new world to us. Reading about people coming from different parts of the world and living in different circumstances can make you understand people better. You will begin to find it easier to relate with people who are different from you.

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is an excellent way for kids and adults to improve their language skills!

South Carolina honors being bilingual by offering the Seal of Biliteracy for graduating seniors.

Are you bilingual? Do you qualify?

See the guidance department at Barnwell High School for more information

Congratulations, Efrain!

Efrain Arce-Carrillo

is our first Barnwell School District 45

recipient of the Seal of Biliteracy.

Job well done, Efrain!

Parents, please let us know of your communication needs. Fill out this survey about School Communication:

Translate Remind Messages

• Download Remind from the App Store or Google Play.

• Confirm that the phone is set to one of the languages that Remind supports:

Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and German

• Tap See translation (appears in the native language) to translate the message.

High school students,

if you are in the ESOL program, you are eligible for this scholarship

Parents, want to improve your English skills?

Try! Click here to check it out!

How do students qualify for ESOL services?

When students enter the South Carolina public school system, parents are required to complete a Home Language Survey (HLS). Schools use information from the survey to determine if a student’s English proficiency should be assessed. Students may be screened for possible eligibility for the ESOL program if a language other than English is listed when these questions are answered on the HLS:

      • What is the language that the student first acquired?

      • What language(s) is spoken most often by the student?

      • What is the primary language used in the home, regardless of the language spoken by the student?

Once a language other than English has been identified on the HLS, the student may be tested to determine if they qualify for the ESOL program. This program helps students become fluent in English. If students enter the ESOL program, they are entitled to services as multilingual learners and will be tested annually to determine their English language proficiency. Normally, multilingual learners see the ESOL teacher once or twice weekly during a time they are not missing core subjects, such as ELA or math. They are also eligible for accommodations in the classroom.

What is WIDA?

SC is a member of the WIDA Consortium

which strives to help English learners

succeed in school.

Click here to find out more: WIDA

Questions about the ESOL program?

Contact Suzanne Frederick

by phone at any of the Barnwell 45 schools

Barnwell Primary School 803.541.1320

Barnwell Elementary School 803.541.1285

Guinyard-Butler Middle School 803.541.1370

Barnwell High School 803.541.1390

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