Passport to Scouting

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Hey, AOL Scouts and 5th Graders!

Check out all the great things you can do when you join a Scouts BSA troop near you.

And if you visit at least three troops and turn in a "report card" about your visit, we'll send you an LED headlamp!

Here's how it works:

  1. Get your parent's permission to participate in Passport to Scouting.
  2. Visit at least 3 different Scouts BSA Troops found on THIS LIST (either a meeting or an activity).
  3. Submit a Report Card telling us about your visit
  4. You're done! If you gave us your contact information we'll send you a headlamp!
  5. BONUS rounds! You can do this as many times as you want to! And you can always use another headlamp, right?

Here's more information for you and your parents:

  • About Scouts BSA [LINK]
  • What parents should ask when selecting a Scout troop [LINK]
  • District Troops list [LINK]
  • BeAScout [LINK]
  • Printable SCORECARD you can take to your Troop visits (but you have to enter your report cards online using the link in step 3 above).