Back to School 2019

Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year!

Now that all of our member schools are back in session, Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School (BRVGS) is pleased to welcome our students, parents and teachers back for the 2019-20 school year with this "Back To School" website.

In this site, you will find important information and links to documents such as our Student/Parent Handbook, Program of Studies, and resources for the upcoming year. You can also see a video introducing you to our core BRVGS staff, with info on where and how to access critical information for BRVGS.

We also invite parents and students to submit questions and suggestions regarding the upcoming year in the Google Form embedded below. Your may also contact the BRVGS Core Team at, or you can email us individually via the email addresses below.

With sincere best wishes for a wonderful school year,

Marc Carraway, BRVGS Director:

Sallie Outten, BRVGS Technology Specialist:

Kristi Bunovich, BRVGS Administrative Specialist:

Jerry Reynolds, BRVGS Online Learning Coordinator (until Nov 1, 2019):

Liz Goodwin, BRVGS Online Learning Coordinator (after Nov 1, 2019):

One of the most important resources for parents and students is the BRVGS Website. You can find news items and the BRVGS calendar feed on the Home Page at, and other information about the program by clicking on the drop-down menus at the top of the site. Some important pages and links include:

* Current BRVGS Projects: you can see requirements, guidelines, due dates and grading information on our major projects at:

* The "Contact Us" link: - this will email all BRVGS staff members

* The "Resources" link on the menu at the top of the BRVGS site will provide information and links to our laptop loan program and academic resources for research and writing.

* The BRVGS Calendar, including all important BRVGS events, can be accessed on the Home Page or at

Parents are reminded that if they have not yet done so, they need to click on and complete the BRVGS Handbook Signature Form.

Please see the BRVGS "Back to School Video" below for more information about BRVGS:

New for 2019-20:

BRVGS will be implementing an updated skills curriculum, titled "Profile of a BRVGS Student." To see the profile for 2019-20, please click here.

Each BRVGS member school will have a "Student Coordinator," whose primary missions are to provide an extra layer of personal and academic support and to bring BRVGS classes at each school together for community-building, mentoring, personal support and tutoring.

BRVGS will be adding new courses for the 2020-21 school year. Courses currently under consideration include AP Environmental Science, AP Human Geography, AP Research, BRVGS Applied Digital Skills, and a variety of advanced computer programming courses.

BRVGS conducted our first-ever "Study Skills Workshop" this past summer, and plan to offer more resources, tips and workshops for parents over the upcoming school year.

Thank you for visiting our "Back to School" site. If you have questions, suggestions or comments for BRVGS, please submit those via the form at the bottom of the site.

We at BRVGS wish all of our parents and students a happy and productive school year!