Real Issues PSA Project

Real Issues PSA: Make a POSITIVE Impact with your PSA!

Use Google to Brainstorm Ideas and Find Powerful Facts and Statistics to Support Your PSA!


You want to be both CONVINCING and ACCURATE!

Be sure to research and add HEALTHY SKILLS to address the situation and give STRATEGIES for dealing with the issue.

Here’s your opportunity to advocate for change and help others!

BEST IDEA: Start Your Works Cited Page at When You Start Searching!


Tip: Look for .org and .edu and .gov websites to find more reliable information and check the DATES of websites, research, and surveys.  Tip: Check the DATES to make sure you have the latest information!

1. World Health Organization (WHO) - The WHO provides global health data, statistics, and reports on various health topics. 

2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - The CDC offers current statistics and reports on a wide range of health issues, including infectious diseases, chronic conditions, and public health topics.

3. National Institutes of Health (NIH) - The NIH is a leading research institution in the United States offering a wealth of health-related information, including research studies, clinical trials, and data on various diseases and conditions.

4. UNICEF Data - If you're interested in global health issues affecting children, UNICEF Data UNICEF is the world's leading source of data on children offering statistics and reports on child health, nutrition, education, and other relevant topics.

5. PubMed - PubMed is a database of scientific articles and research papers in the field of medicine and healthcare. 

6. Pew Research Center: Although not health-specific, the Pew Research Center offers surveys and studies on various topics, including health-related topics.

Use ACCESS to Evaluate Websites & Information

3. Use the BHS Library Databases to access the MOST reliable and credible information that is not available for FREE through Google searches. TIPS: Try the Gale POWER SEARCH and Explore the TABS of different TYPES of Sources. You can also easily send your sources to Easybib!

The BHS Library has cameras available if you need one, as well as phone adaptors for tripods.


How to EASILY Cite your sources! 

Use this NEW Citation tool!