Technology Committee

The Vision

The vision of the Brunswick Central School District Technology Committee, in partnership with the community, is to provide students with the knowledge to effectively utilize technology across the curriculum to be college and career ready in a changing world while providing and strengthening a technology-rich environment for staff, faculty and students.


Myles Goss, Amy Labshere, Stephanie Steinhart, Eric Wetmore, Jordan Luzinas, Ryanne Phillips, Michelle Furlong, Amber Frank, Judy Anderson, Terri Martone, Matt Cipperly, Anthony Denovellis, Jamie Levandusky, Sanada Bailey

What we do

  • Utilization of Technology: Discuss how technology is being used in the district and where we want to be in the future. This would include the unresolved issues or concerns on a district level. If the issue needs to go to administrative review the technology committee will vote on their recommendation and the administrative representative will give an update on the issue at the next meeting
  • Professional Development: Investigate and review any professional development opportunities as it relates to educational and instructional needs. Any recommendations from the technology committee would be sent to PDIT.
  • Hardware/Software Requests: Any submitted Hardware/Software requests will be reviewed and recommendations will be made. Requests will be given to IT and your administrator.