MRS. PAIR and Mrs. Greene

Brunswick Academy's K-5 RESOURCE Program = Remedial & Enrichment Opportunities for K-5 Students


  • Retired educator with 30 yrs. experience from Roanoke Rapids City Schools (North Carolina)
  • Graduate of Longwood University and alumni of BA . . . GO Lancers . . . GO Vikings !
  • Licensure Areas: PreK-6 , Mathematics - Middle School 6-8 + Academically/Intellectually Gifted (AIG) K-12
  • Teacher of the Year/Belmont/ RR City Schools 1991
  • Math Teacher of the Year/RR City Schools 2001 & 2011
  • Joined the BA staff in July of 2014
  • Married with 2 children
  • Pets include a rescue beagle - "Spark", a rescue Maine Coon kitty - "Mr. Whiskers"

LIKES . . . Bright colors, flamingos, ALL fruits, jet ski riding on Lake Gaston, beach life, reading of all genres, jigsaw puzzles , horticultural projects, animals, cooking appetizers, costume jewelry, fashion trends AND motivating young minds ~ :)

DISLIKES . . . Orchestra music, haunted houses, breads of any type, tomato juice, animal cruelty, tennis matches, snakes, tootsie pops, fried foods,~ :(

TRIVIA 'BITS' . . . for real :-) . . . *3rd generation to have the name Juliette, *once taught a pet dog to ride a tricycle, * was a former clown for bday parties/hospital visits/parades, *had a student's project selected for display in The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC and *was a finalist for designing science experiments incorporating MATH for the 1st Teacher in Space Program sponsored by NASA.

My Favorites:

  • pizza - "veggie pizza"
  • ice cream flavor - lime/raspberry sherbert
  • color - any 'brights' :-)
  • flower - daffodil or any flower growing in the wild
  • subject - math :-), math AND MATH !!!
  • car - Nissan Juke
  • snack - any type of fruit - - - "yum"!
  • vacation spot -lake or beach . . . "I am a water gal!" . . . LOVE LOVE the water ~
  • holiday - Thanksgiving
  • music - modern country or contemporary christian
  • candy bar - 3 Musketeers
  • season - Spring
  • college team - Va Tech Hokies
  • beverage - fruit infused ice water
  • fashion items - SHOES !!! :-) and BIG earrings with chunky necklaces
  • quote - "Every child is gifted . . . they just unwrap their packages at different times" :-)
  • movie - 'Wizard of Oz'
  • board game - Scrabble or Rummikub
  • kid's item - Playdoh :-)

---Keep scrolling . . . Mrs. Greene has her information below - :-)

I'd like to introduce myself to you...

I am Diane Greene and I'm a graduate of BA! This year begins my 26th (2018-19) year of teaching! I have taught first, second, and third grades as well as served as a Title I teacher and Reading Specialist. I have a degree in Elementary Education and a master's degree as a Reading Specialist. I earned both degrees from Longwood College/University.

I am looking forward to working with small groups through Guided Reading and with individual students. I have one expectation for my students, that is to ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST. I can't expect any more! I do believe that you have to put a lot in if you expect to get good results. We will work together to make that happen.

I have two children of my own who are here at BA. Hunter is a tenth grader and Meredith is an eighth grader. Our family enjoys camping together. My husband is good at finding great places to visit! I enjoy basket-making and baking yummy desserts!

I am excited about moving back into a resource position and looking forward to a year of renewal and enjoyment! I know it will BA GREAT YEAR! :)

**This site was designed for our Brunswick Academy K-5 students and parents. It contains resource items relating to reading and mathematics. To access the RESOURCE items, you click on the headings in the upper right corner of this page. We have included Reading activities, Reading websites, Math activities, and Math websites. We hope that you find these beneficial and that you visit often. Many of the items included are great for weekend fillers, snow days, summer review or when you need an extra activity to review a particular skill. Enjoy !!! :-)