David Paarlberg-Kvam

My art develops out of the drama of nature; both the micro and macro world. After pouring color puddles on large panels filled with articulated marks, the paint swells and spreads under the pressure of my wind forced through a straw. When I draw meticulous dots, dashes, and lines, I am reminded of the invisible spores that drift in the air. As I paint, Iʼm in conversation with color. An orange seems to shout at me and I respond by pouring blue on its face. This dialogue is playful, dynamic and fantastical; real. My work reflects the dynamic changes of the world outside and the mysterious connections in the landscape I inhabit. As the world billows into focus it begins to break apart. So too, does the textural skin of the paint and the memory that inspires the pieces. When my drawn marks accumulate I reflect on the critical role each organism and cell has in the world.

oil on canvas

pen and inks on paper

digital sketch

oil on panel

pen and marker on paper

oil on panel

pen on paper

mixed media on panel

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