Studio 225 is a space for cultivating innovative media approaches in higher ed— available to all Brown faculty, producers, and administrators.

Our mission

• Welcome a community of campus users—faculty, producers, administrators

• Be an incubator for cultivating innovative media approaches in higher ed

• Promote the scholarship and research of Brown faculty and students to a global audience

Studio 225 accommodates a wide range of media needs, including

• Broadcast uplink to news networks

• Video shoots against green screen or colored backdrops

• Multi-camera, live-edited video interviews or panels

• Remote teaching / virtual classroom

• Video lectures or demonstrations

• Trainings, rehearsals and review sessions

• Audio podcasts

Want to come see the studio? Have an idea for media but need help executing it?

Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our media producers and we’ll help you get your idea off the ground!