mall jams

Students of Brophy! STUCO is planning a concert on Friday, April 30th in the evening from 6-8 pm, and WE WANT YOU TO PERFORM! The main act is the band Hot Milk (they are awesome) and you would be an opener. There are no real restrictions to this in terms of performance type or length. We just want you to entertain the crowd. Please fill out our google form to enter and have a chance to perform. Thanks!


In an attempt to encompass the flurry of emotions our student body has experienced during the last year, he Brophy Literary and Arts Magazine (BLAM) is excited to present its twelfth edition of the publication: Spitball. Be prepared to pick up your copy early this May.

Science journal of brophy

The Science Journal of Brophy (SJB) is an annual student publication dedicated to informing the Brophy community about STEM initiatives around campus and the world. We consist of students with interests ranging from design, science, math, or writing. The Science Journal is open to all students at Brophy College Preparatory. This year's edition contains articles about COVID-19, student research, environmental sustainability on campus, and more!

hope through faith

Introducing Hope Through Faith - the Brophy Interfaith Coalition's first-ever publication. Be inspired and educated through stories written by students and theologians of the Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Mormon, Buddhist, and Muslim religion. There will be limited hard copies available, but the book is available digitally right now!


SUPER SMASH BROS. TOURNAMENT - RUN IT BACK RUN IT BACK! That’s right, Brophy Bronco Bash has once again returned, this time, we are going offline. That’s right, on Saturday, May 1st, in the Student Activity Center, from 1 – 7 pm, an offline tournament will be held for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate! The first-place winner will receive $100, the second will receive $60, and the third will receive $40. So… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO SIGN UP!!!!! Matches will be streamed on twitch.tv/quack_tm, watch if you are EPIC. Casting by Avery Montes ‘23, Michael Yuh ‘23, and Mason Frank '23. Tournament info & signup: https://smash.gg/tournament/brophy-broncos-bash-2-offline-rerun/details

the murph

An opportunity to commemorate Michael P. Murphy, a deceased Navy combat veteran, with his favorite workout: "The Murph." This workout was one of his favorites and he'd named it "Body Armor". "Murph" is done in honor of this focused warrior and great American who "wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is."Many of you remember last year's Murph turnout when over 70 teachers, students, and coaches came together in the Dutch to perform the workout in his honor. This year, on Saturday, May 1st, AMDG Fit has a reserved time slot in the Dutch to perform this workout for the purpose of acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice he and many other men and women in the service have made. Please complete the RSVP link (click here) before this Friday so that we may determine whether or not we need two heats to ensure Covid Protocols. There will be Rockin fuels and PIZZA on us after the workout.

project prom


Class of 2021, we are thrilled to celebrate Project Prom with you on Brophy's campus from 8 pm - 11 pm on May 22nd. We've got a ton of fun planned and will let you in on a few surprises as we get closer to the event. Our goal is to provide you with as much of a traditional Prom experience as possible. If you are curious about what that means don't hesitate to ask a friend in Student Council! This event is for students from Brophy and Xavier's class of 2021 only. Please note the following when purchasing your ticket:

You may only buy one ticket at a time. If you wish to buy another ticket for a Brophy/Xavier senior you must complete the purchasing process again with a different email address and student ID.

· Please enter your school email address when purchasing your ticket

· Please enter your student ID when purchasing your ticket

· You will need both your digital receipt and student ID on the night of May 22nd.

If you wish to buy your ticket with something other than a credit card swing by the Varsity Shop. They are more than happy to help you with your purchase. We can't wait to celebrate with you all - we promise it will be a night to remember.