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  • Quarter 2 ends Friday January 25th! Quarter 3 will begin on Monday, with Reading and new Related Arts classes. Report Cards will be sent home Friday, February 1st.
  • Morning HW Group with Miss Geeza every Thursday starting at 7:30am! Let Miss Geeza know that your child would like to come in to get work done early in the morning with a quick email. Drop students off by the front doors at 7:30am sharp. Students will have access to computers for an hour prior to homeroom at 8:30am.

What is the 7th grade Up to?

  • Content currently being covered in core classes:
      • Geography: Southwest Asia & North Africa
      • Spanish: Conjugation of AR verbs
      • Science: Circulatory System
      • Math: Equations and Expressions
      • Language Arts: Historical Fiction: The Breadwinner

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