Brooklands Farm Remote Learning Platform and Educational Offer

Our Remote Learning Platform and Educational Offer

We will be using Google Classroom and Tapestry (Reception & Year 1) as our main online learning platforms. Both these platforms are known to the parents and children. Children are set daily tasks in Maths, English and the wider curriculum - all of which are supported with a pre-recorded video - along with additional elements such as a daily live check in, live learning sessions and live intervention groups.

We have chosen to use a blended approach including daily live opportunities to provide social interaction and enable face-to face contact and discussion with the teacher, and by offering remote input videos that scaffold and support learning. This approach enables children to build on knowledge and make progress as they would within a classroom, whilst retaining good relationships with staff. Recorded lessons allow children to pause and return to the taught input as much as is required. We have found this enables our pupils to be able to work more independently, and supports them to learn and consolidate new knowledge and skills.

Will my child receive the same education as they would in school?

Pupils receive meaningful and ambitious assignments each day in different subjects which have been created from the original long and medium term plans. Remote tasks are as challenging as tasks set in school and the level of work is pitched correctly. Teachers teach a planned and well-sequenced curriculum to pupils learning remotely which is very similar to the one at school. Children onsite will access the same lessons as online.

Learning entitlement

We provide a minimum of 3 hours remote learning a day for Key Stage 1 and 4 hours for KS2, as required by the DfE, plus the additional live contact sessions for children.

Remote learning follows the following schedule:

Foundation / Year 1

The main learning platform for Year 1 is Tapestry.

You will receive a weekly learning menu which can be found on Tapestry and the main school website.

This will outline the learning opportunities for the week.

  • Daily live check in session at the start of the day

  • Daily Maths – a pre-recorded teach video plus learning activities related to this

  • Daily English – a pre-recorded teach video plus learning activities related to this.

  • Daily Phonics

  • 5 Curriculum sessions a week – a pre-recorded teach video plus learning activities related to this.

  • A live session once a day via Google Meet

  • Daily story videos

Years 2-6

The main learning platform for Years 2-6 is Google Classroom.

You will receive a weekly learning menu which can be found on Google Classroom and the main school website.

  • Daily live check in session at the start of the day

  • Daily Maths – a pre-recorded teach video plus learning activities related to this

  • Daily Arithmetic- a pre-recorded teach video plus learning activities related to this.

  • Daily Writing/ grammar – a pre-recorded teach video plus learning activities related to this.

  • Daily Reading – a pre-recorded teach video plus learning activities related to this.

  • Phonics / Spellings- pre-recorded teach video and learning activities related to this

  • 5 curriculum subjects a week- pre-recorded teach and activities related to this

  • A live session once a day via Google Meet

  • Live intervention/teacher drop ins opportunities

Parents of remote learners are also directed to a number of apps that the school has bought: TT Rockstars, Accelerated Reader, Myon, My Maths, Centry Tech, Literacy Planet and Phonics Play.


We know that giving children a routine is really important in lockdown as it ensures our children have a bit of normality.

In order to set a routine to the day, remote learning starts with a Google Meet call from the teacher. This enables the teacher to hold a well being check in with the children , ensure that they are all coping well with their learning, set expectations of learning for the day, and provide some much needed class social interaction.

Lessons are then ready so that, after the Google Meet, and the day’s learning will begin. This enables our families to structure timings appropriate to their needs.

It is imperative that your child engages with their remote learning, as this will avoid children returning to schools with gaps in their learning. If a child is not engaging with their learning or the Google Meet session, an informal phone call to parents would take place so that we can understand any blocks to learning that may be happening and resolve these. If we cannot establish contact with the family, our safeguarding processes would then be put into place, and this may result in a home visit.

Parents and children are invited to surgeries with phase leaders and SLT to discuss issues that may arise. Teachers will arrange phone calls with children and parents to discuss their child's grow plan.

Marking and Feedback

We set clear and reasonable expectations on how regularly teachers will check work and provide feedback, and pupils are clear about these expectations. During a full class bubble, year group bubble, or school closure, teachers will respond to the work produced by children on a daily basis on Tapestry and Google Classroom platforms. This will either be feedback and next steps in their learning where appropriate, or recognition and praise for completing learning tasks. Learners will receive feedback from a year group teacher on a daily basis. This style of feedback is important as it enables teachers to show the children areas where they can improve or progress further, or signify where errors have been made in key areas of their learning; however, as teachers are feeding back to over a 100 uploads a day, in depth feedback will be mixed with approvals to ensure that this is sustainable. All pupils will receive this blend of feedback on a daily basis. Feedback may be written or verbal depending on the content and the learner.

Children with 1:1/ Additional Needs

We recognise that some pupils, for example some pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with parents and carers to support those pupils. Our children with learning needs all have appropriately differentiated learning in place for them, which supports their learning as it would in the classroom. Learning will be personalised to the learners individual needs via Tapestry or Google Classroom. We have created short 'how to' videos to support SEND learners. The inclusion team continue to communicate with these children and ensure that provision is appropriate.

Online Access

Following 1:1 phone calls with the class teacher, we have identified any families who need technology support and have lent out IT equipment to enable all of our children to access remote learning. As devices are limited, Pupil Premium and SEND children have been prioritised. We can also offer support to parents who have limited no/ limited internet at home. If you feel you would benefit from this, please contact the school to make a request. The school office will be able to support you with paper copies if needed. This will be dealt with dependent on your individual circumstances.

We are in the process of creating a bank of 'how to' videos to support learner with accessing learning content. Please visit our technology support page.

Remote Learning for Individual Isolation/Small Groups of Pupils Whilst all Other Pupils are in School.

In the event that a child or a small number of pupils from a class needs to isolate due to track and trace, whilst the school is fully open, we will send work out through Google Classroom and Tapestry. The work will continue to be sequential and will match learning opportunities within the classroom.

For more information, please look at our Remote Learning Policy

Parent communication

If parents have any questions or concerns about remote learning, they should contact the year group teacher email addresses. The year group teaching team will endeavour to reply in a timely manner. Responses should be received within two working days for general enquiries. If a parent wishes to make a complaint, the school complaints procedure and response timescales will continue to be adhered to.

Year group contact email addresses:

Countess Way

Fen Street