Internet Rules for Students at
Brookfield Academy

1. I will not use the Internet without a teacher or parents permission and will only go to websites that are approved by them.

2. I will never give out personal information about myself, family, or classmates, such as my full name, address, or telephone number.

3. I will tell a teacher or parent if I come across any information that is inappropriate or makes me feel uncomfortable.

4. I will not use any Brookfield Academy computer for sending or checking personal E-mail from an outside account. This includes free Internet e-mail sites such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, etc.

5. I will not respond to or send any messages that are threatening, harassing, or otherwise inappropriate.

6. I will not participate in any chat sessions unless part of a class project and supervised by a teacher. I will not agree to meet with someone I “met” online. If a personal meeting is suggested, I will immediately inform my teacher.

7. I will not share passwords with anyone.

8. I will not enter contests or sign up to receive free information or material while using a Brookfield Academy school computer.

9. I will not download software from the Internet.

10. I will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Brookfield Academy school computer, including access to another person’s account or personal files.

11. Failure to follow all of the above ten rules may result in the student's loss of computer-use privileges at Brookfield Academy for a period of time from one class session up to the remainder of the school year. The duration of loss of privileges will be determined on an individual basis by the classroom teacher and the building principal.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the STEAM teachers.