The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Bridge Company


a musical journey

Running time approx 75 mins

*Trigger warnings for themes include suicide (not detailed), loss and bereavement *Language of an adult nature is used throughout,


music & lyrics


Colm Molloy

words & lyrics


Abi Zakarian



Rachel Lincoln

A train station. 24 hours. 15 lives.

Standing on the threshold of a new day.

A Threshold is about the distances between us. It's about the need to get away and the need to stay. It's about wanting space and craving love. In these polarised and febrile times we’re all still striving to make connections: physically, emotionally and digitally. In A Threshold we meet a random collection of people going about their business over the course of one day. Dropping in on these seemingly mundane lives as they intersect, collide, nearly connect and simply stay still, A Threshold focuses on the moments that make us human; the connections made, lost, revealed and changed.

Featuring 15+ characters, formally experimental and incorporating the more traditional elements of a musical along with spoken word, dance, multimedia and song, this episodic piece was due for production in July 2020 at Southwark Playhouse.

A Threshold is the result of over a years work with the 12 students of The BRIT School Bridge project. Abi and Colm worked extensively with the students to develop and devise the piece. When the Corona virus pandemic forced the cancellation of the scheduled production of the piece at Southwark Playhouse in July they, along with Rachel, determined to find a way to present the piece and showcase the immense talents of the students. The result is this version of A Threshold; a mash up of a concept album, radio drama, audio described musical. It has been redrafted, directed, recorded and musically directed entirely under lockdown measures. Recordings have been made on phones, direction has been done on Zoom. Abi has adapted the script to accommodate these unique circumstances and Colm has created an entirely new soundscape.

It isn’t perfect; it’s not meant to be. But we hope you listen to it in the same spirit with which it has been created: with a belief in the need of, and love for, theatre.