Creating Personalized Learning Opportunities


Personalized Learning is an opportunity for students to customize their own schedules. In addition to taking courses at Bristow Inspire Academy, students may also take courses at BHS, Central Technology Center, or through university concurrent enrollment. Through the personalized education plan, a student may take anywhere from one to eight courses at a time. We believe that managing four to five courses at a time creates opportunities for students to find immediate success in their courses. A student may complete a course as quickly as they demonstrate mastery, with the capacity to begin taking a new course immediately thereafter and accelerate their education if they choose to do so. This approach allows students the capacity to focus more deeply on fewer subjects at a time if they choose, thus increasing their motivation and sense of accomplishment.


*Personalized learning is offered utilizing online curriculum and enables students to customize their own schedules and work at their own pace.

*Rather than attend 8 class periods daily, students may choose to work on fewer courses at a time.

*With fewer courses to focus on, students can dive deep into a subject and complete a course as soon as they demonstrate mastery.

*This flexibility provides students the opportunity to progress more quickly when they know the subject content, and it enables them to spend additional time on subjects that are more difficult for them.

*This concept requires mastery of skills to progress; the student cannot fail, but difficult courses could take more time to complete.

*It allows for additional flexibility in their daily schedule, enables students to accelerate if they choose to do so, and enhances additional educational opportunities. Students are able to be in athletics, band, or Ag, and attend career tech, participate in internship opportunities, concurrent classes, or obtain a job. It is a challenge to make schedules work for all students in the traditional setting.

*Personalized learning gives the student control over their learning process and provides them with the opportunity to take ownership of their education. Students learn the importance of time management skills, monitoring their credits earned, and they gain a better understanding of their transcript.


*Personalized learning courses will be offered for the 2021/2022 school year and classes will be housed in the college-career center. An online application must be submitted to be considered and seats will be limited.

*Courses will be offered utilizing our online curriculum, Odysseyware, with a certified teacher providing the main oversite and an additional English, Math, and Science teacher assigned on rotation throughout the day to provide tutoring or assistance.

*Students are required to attend six consecutive hours of instructional time daily with all students taking the same lunch time as BHS students.

*The building will be open from 7:00am to 4:00pm which provides additional flexibility for students. Students may also spend additional time on their coursework outside of those hours if they choose to. If a student starts their day at 7:00am they could potentially complete their school day at 1:35pm. Students may not come and go throughout their day to obtain a total of 6 instructional hours. Once a student checks in, they are required to be there for 6 consecutive instructional hours, but the student chooses when those instructional hours happen, anytime between 7:00am and 4:00pm.

EXAMPLE: A student has a job in the afternoon so she chooses to arrive at 7:00am and leave at 1:35pm because she has to be at work at 2:00. She is currently working ahead of schedule as a sophomore and plans to enroll in concurrent classes as a junior.

*With this model, students are empowered. They gain control over their time and education. This model not only prepares students for post-secondary education and career opportunities, but it provides them the flexibility to accelerate, obtain jobs, or participate in internships or concurrent classes.

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